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The Dead Poet Floppy Disk

SCP-The Dead Poet: Unveiling the Mystery

Recovery Log: During a sanctioned excavation beneath the historical property purported to be William Shakespeare's last residence, a remarkable find was documented. Alongside a computing device constructed entirely from stone, an object starkly out of place was unearthed - a floppy disk. This disk, positioned near the stone computer's input mechanism, starkly contrasts with the estimated period of the surroundings, suggesting an anachronistic presence. Marked "SCP-The Dead Poet," the contents of the floppy disk are currently subject to rigorous analysis by Foundation researchers. The presence of such technologically advanced items in a context centuries removed from their invention poses significant questions about temporal anomalies and unknown historical advancements in technology. Ongoing efforts are dedicated to the thorough investigation of both the stone computer and the floppy disk to unravel their origins and potential implications on our understanding of history.

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The Dead Poet Floppy Disk

EchoScribe: The Ultimate Sound-to-Text Revolution

Quick and easy access to the best models available to transcribe your audio into text. Perfect for any youtuber, script writer who prefers outloud speach, surveillance system and much more.

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The Dead Poet Floppy Disk

Warning Signs Collection for Game Design

Lazyness reancarnated. A select chosen of ai generated Diamond shaped "warning-signs". Don't give money for this. Use them for freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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The Dead Poet Floppy Disk

Gunshots Collection of Sounds for Game Design

Bring your game to life with authentic gunshot sounds. From pistols to rifles, find the perfect audio for your project in our extensive collection.

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Its all a sham.